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Welcome to Red Poppy
The Red Poppy Company offers a unique and effective range of trauma management, workplace counselling and training services specifically aimed at organisations.

It is the only company in the UK set up to provide other companies with access to specialist trauma treatment services. 

Psychological trauma injury accounts for a significant amount of stress illness and absenteeism in the workplace. Not able to be cured by medication or counselling trauma injury needs specific treatment. 

Untreated sufferers are likely to develop depression, phobias and alcohol abuse thus spiralling the cost to their employer. (See Case Studies)

Red Poppy has a reputation for being:

flower Rooted in practice flower Cost effective
flower Getting results flower Effective
flower No jargon or psychobabble flower Quick
flower Innovative approach    

Staffed by highly trained and professional consultants based around the UK, the Red Poppy Company can provide the support needed to treat the impact that trauma and stress can have on people and businesses.

It is important to state from the outset that trauma isnít something that is suffered exclusively by those in combat zones or by people who have witnessed appalling scenes of human devastation. 

In an ideal world, no-one would be placed into a traumatic situation. The reality is however that these situations are commonplace and occur in virtually every aspect of professional and personal life, impacting tremendously on the individual(s) affected and the organisations they work for.

In addition to using a range of preventative services, Red Poppy also provides a proven, effective, safe, quick and non-drugs based treatment for trauma sufferers.

For an organisation The Red Poppy Company can provide you with the infrastructure needed to reduce the negative impact that trauma and stress can have on the workplace, providing the added reassurance of knowing that you are fully meeting your Duty of Care Requirements by looking after your most valuable asset - your staff.

For the individual concerned it means being able to deal with the effects of the traumatic incident, allowing them to get on with their lives - personal and professional - and not be weighed down by the emotional burden that is often left behind.

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Corporate Member of the Institute of Health Promotion and Education (C302)

Telephone 0845 2011334 , Fascimile 0845 2011335